Physiotherapy + Acupressure + Naturopathy + Sujok = Instant & Permanent Relief from Pain without any side effect


I have taken Physiotherapy treatment in Dr. Rana's Aastha Physiotherapy Centre, Jagat Farm, Greater Noida for Arthritis. My both knees were on the verge of collapse.During few month treatment, my both knees are now stable. The pain and swellig has disappeared. Recently I developed pain in the left leg from hip to toe. MRI indicated that L3-L4-L5 of spine had indication of slip disc. With only 2-3 months treatment, I am relieved of pain and is able to do all my functions normally.

While I am continuing the treatment to get fully cured with Physiotherapy centre Dr. Rana's Aastha Physiotherapy Centre,Jagat Farm, Greater Noida.

Dr. Rajesh Rana, incharge of this centre takes personal care with each patient with patience and I feel/think that for residents of Greater Noida, this Dr. Rana's Aastha Physiotherapy clinic is a boom for patients like me. Otherwise I was advised spine operation by specialists of best hospitals which I have been able to avoid due to this clinic.

Renu Sharma, W/O Capt. M.K.Sharma (IFS) Former DG Forest Spl. Secretary to Govt. of India

I am the patient of diabetes since last 5 years.Due to diabetes, I was having restriction of movements of shoulder. I came to know that this disease is called Frozen Shoulder.

I was having severe pain in my shoulders throughout day & night. I was unable to do my functions of daily routine. I took advise from many doctors, but I was not having any relief.

Then I came to know about Dr. Rana's Aastha Physiotherapy Clinic.I took physiotherapy and acupressure sessions regularly for 1.5 months. Now my pain has disappeared and I am able to do almost all my lost functions of shoulder and now living pain free life.

I think combination of physiotherapy and acupressure can be another milestone for patients suffering from pain.

Mrs. Beena Khanna, Beta - 1, Greater Noida

Dr. Rajesh Rana, incharge of Dr. Rana's Aastha Physiotherapy clinic, is to great at explaining everything and makes you very comfortable.

I visited this clinic travelling from Noida to Greater Noida which is about 40 Kms away from my place to take physiotherapy, because I always knew I am in good hands right away. He also gives such easy but effective exercises that WORK! I really like the assistants there too, they are very friendly and help ease pain.


Anukool Purwar, SW Engineer, HCL Technologies Noida

I am thankful to APNCC for providing me relief from backpain which I have been suffering from past 6 months.

Kirti, Tech Mahindra, (USA)

My son kishu was suffering from Down syndrome . he was unable to do his day-to-day activites .My son took exercise therapy sessions at APNCC & now I am very thankful to APNCC that made my son gain functional independence.

Kaushal Singh

We are reffering patients to APNCC and APNCC has proved that they are best in Gr.Noida in providing the best treatment to our patients. Dr Rajesh Rana takes personal care of the patients.

Dr. Nagendra Pal Singh, Chairman GRAVEES

I consulted Dr. Rana regarding my general body fitness and I am very pleased to say that now I feel comparatively more energetic and relaxed.

Mr. K.L. Sharma, Former I.A.S.

Our Organisation wants to thanks APNCC for support and guidance provided by them to our organisation.

Seceratary, Vikalang Mand budhi Kalayan Samiti

I want to thanks DR.RANA & his complete team for providing me the best treatment for my knee & elbow & making me live a painfree life.Combination of physiotherapy & acupressure really works.

Mr.B.P Sharma, HOD Electrical, L&T HYDROCARBON Engineering Ltd