Physiotherapy + Acupressure + Naturopathy + Sujok = Instant & Permanent Relief from Pain without any side effect

About Us

APNCC stands for Dr Rana's Aastha Physiotherapy & Nature Cure Clinic. We are serving mankind since 2005. In healthcare. We are giving miraculous and fabulous results in field of Physiotherapy. We are committed to provide the highest quality physiotherapy to people of all ages. Our focus is the excellence in the assessment and treatment of orthopaedic, neurological, paediatric and sports injuries.


Dr. Rajesh Rana

Registered Consultant in Physiotherapy, Naturopathy, Acupressure & Sujok

Dr. Rajesh Rana, MD of Centre is registered consultant in physiotherapy, naturopath and acupressure. He is having 10 Years of rich experience in this field. He used to treat the patients with the help of physiotherapy acupressure, sujok and naturopathy.

Dr. Deepti Rana

Registered Consultant in Physiotherapy, Special Education & Psychology.

Dr. Deepti Rana is well trained physiotherapist and has done advanced courses in special education and psychology. She is having advanced skills to deal with children from cerebral palsy, down's syndrome etc.


Highly Experience


All our staff is well trained and having rich experience in manual techniques.

We are reffering patients to APNCC and APNCC has proved that they are No. 1 in Gr.Noida in providing the best treatment to our patients. Dr Rajesh Rana takes personal care of the patients.

Dr. Nagendra Pal Singh, Chairman GRAVEES